Status: Venta / Renta
Ciudad: Manta - Urbanizacion Terranova
Dormitorios: 4
Baňo: 3.5
Muebles: si
Area: 162.00 m²
Codigo: C011
Se alquila o se vende preciosa casa en Urbanizacion Terranova. En PB tiene sala, comedor, cocina, baño social. Desde la sala hay salida a patio con pergola. En planta alta hay 4 dormitorios y 2 baños. Tiene area de lavanderia con cuarto para empleada y baño completo. La casa esta totalmente amoblada y equipada. Tres dormitorios tienen aire acondicionados. Hay lavavajilla, horno, microonda, lavadora. Agua caliente con calentador de gas. Urbanizacion Terranova tiene solo 12 casas, area comunal, piscina y area para niños.

Dara  Is this property available? (09.02.2024)

La casa esta disponible. (09.02.2024)

Jaco  Hi, I am interested in renting, and in Manta. Is it still available? Can we schedule a visit soon? Do you have whatsapp? Thanks (26.02.2023)

Lamentablemente esta ocupado (03.03.2023)

Mateo  Greetings, I am seriously considering moving from Cuenca to Manta in September or October. I am looking for a one story casita. Prefer furnished. Or partially furnished. Willing to sign long term.66 year old single man. Would like info on your co. and services. Thank you (21.07.2022)

Buenos dias. Lamentablemente ahora todas casas estan alquiladas. Si Ud no tiene mascotas puedo ofrecer departamentos para alquiler. (22.07.2022)

Linda  Need at least a one year lease and no furnishings. Can they work out a bodega to store their furnishings? (11.03.2022)

La casa se alquilan con mueble. Esta disponible. (13.03.2022)

Kaden  Hello....would you consider renting this home without furniture. We are a retired epat couple from the USA. Looking for a very long term rental. Thank you (28.01.2021)

La casa esta alquilada por largo tiempo. (31.01.2021)


Esta casa C011 tiene 4 dormitorios, 2.5 baños y pequeño patio. Tambien puede ser casas en Manta Beach C017, Ciudad del Mar C001, Lomas de Barbasquillo C007 (12.10.2020)

Delvon  Good morning Nataliya,
My name is Del and I am looking for a short term rental for 1-2 months. As of right now I am in Guayaquil and will be making North on the 15th of September. This property looks amazing and exactly what I need while I am waiting for the borders of Costa Rica to open. I would prefer a house because that is what I am used to and if both/either could be furnished is a plus. If this or any comparable properties are still available please, feel free to call email or Facebook message me...I am prepared to make arrangements. Thank you so much and, I look forward to hearing from you.
Cell: 1-907-750-7104
What's app +1 (907) 750-7104
FB: Delvon McDaniel (10.09.2020)

La casa esta disponible. Ud puede alquilarla por 2 meses. Aviseme 2 dias antes. (10.09.2020)

Dawn  Hello is it available to rent from Aug 1 until Sept 30?
Thanks (20.07.2020)

Si, puede arrendar para estas fechas. Cuantas personas son? (23.07.2020)

Noah  Hi I'm interested please contact me (03.11.2019)

Dear. The house is available. You can visit it whenever you want. For better attention, please tell me about your visit 24 hours in advance. (05.11.2019)

Guy  Please send info about rental properties on the coast for active senior US citizen looking for six month stay or more. (06.05.2019)

Hi, You can rent the house. You have to pay a month of rent and two months of warranty. Price includes aliquot. Additional You must pay for water, electricity, internet and TV Cable. (08.05.2019)

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