Аренда до: 31.12.2022
Статус: Продажа
Город: Манта - Район Murcielago
Спальни: 5
Санузлы: 5.0
Мебель: да
Площадь: 322.00 m²
Код: D003
Сдается и продается двухэтажный пентхауз в центре города, в здании RO. На первом этаже находится зал, столовая, кухня, кладовка, прачечная, спальня с туалетом, кабинет, туалет, балкон. На втором этаже 3 спальни, каждая со своим туалетом. В основной спальне есть балкон с видом на океан и ванная комната с джакузи. Есть парковка на одну машину. Здание расположено в 5 минутах ходьбы от супермаркетов. Сумма аренды не включает аликвоту $291,00, воду и свет.

12224556  Live in Cuenca. Plan to move to Manta. Will visit as soon as the virus problem is under control. We like the three bedroom properties that allows us to rent or buy. (22.04.2020)

The department is available. You can visit it whenever you want after quarantine. For better care, please let me know your visit 24 hours in advance. (22.04.2020)

Noah  Hi I am interested please contact me (03.11.2019)

Dear, the department is available. You can visit it whenever you want. For better attention, please tell me about your visit 24 hours in advance. (05.11.2019)

Tony  Does the condo offer a pool or fitness facilities? (25.06.2019)

Unfortunately in this building there is no pool or gym (26.06.2019)

Chris  How much is the Aliquot. (20.06.2019)

Alicuota is $290.00 (20.06.2019)

paul  I am looking to purchase a place in Manta. I am from Canada and looking to get a rental place that I can retire into in 5-10 years. How would someone get a morgage for this property? (07.06.2019)

The department is available. You can visit it at the time you wish. For a better service please, contact your visit 24 hours in advance. (11.06.2019)

silvia  Greetings We are interested in your post of $ 1000.00. First, we would like to know is the house is available? Secondly, what is the total move in cost? We do have both dog and cat. We are looking for a 12 month lease, lease to start 10/1/17 (29.05.2017)

Hi. Buildings do not allow pets. You have to find a house for rent (29.05.2017)

Annabelle  Estoy interesada en este Penn House para Septiembre, Viernes 08, 2017 hasta Septiembre, Lunes 18. Que debo hacer para reservar el Penn House? (20.04.2017)

Lamentablemente este PH no se alquila por corto plazo. Minimo 3 meses. (29.04.2017)

Patti  I'm interested in this penthouse for a two month rental thru June 3rd please email or call at ‭‭+593 95-920-6350‬‬ I am in Manta currently (03.04.2017)

Ph is available. Price per short time is $ 1500.00 per month includes aliquot plus payments of water, electricity, internet, TV. Guarantee amount is $ 1500.00 (04.04.2017)

Vicki  Is the rental amount per week or month. (30.09.2016)

This PH rent per month (30.09.2016)

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